Every single ingredient we put into each of our delicious bars serves a purpose and does a job for your body.  Each bar has a unique functional benefit and is designed specifically to perform at the highest level.  Our bars are jam packed with a multitude of raw, nutrient dense organic super foods that fuel every cell in your system, resulting in nutrition performance standards required and expected by high performance athletes.  We don’t skimp on ingredients.  We believe more is more and less is less.  Find us the science that proves otherwise.

Shanti is all about performance – body, mind, and YES, Gut too!

Good Gut health plays a huge role when it comes to maintaining whole-body & mind health.

A healthy gut contributes to a strong, high performing immune system.

And in order for your microbiome to perform at a high level, you got to feed the good bacteria in it.

Our crazy delicious SHANTI BALANCE Bars give your gut the love it deserves, and then some!


Trust is everything and when you buy a bar you need to trust you’re getting what is promised to you.  Certifying every aspect of our bar is not easy and not cheap, but we don’t cut corners when it comes to excellence.  That’s our moral obligation to our bodies and yours.    
Shanti bar- WhatsInside NONGMOProject

Non-GMO Project Verified

Our commitment to delicious, nutrient dense performance bars means using ingredients that have NOT had their molecular composition modified.  Why? Because altering food sounds crazy to us. 

Shanti bar- WhatsInside USDAORGANIC
Certified USDA Organic
Our ingredients are organic because we believe we should only be putting organic ingredients into our precious, beautiful bodies.  It’s that simple.
Shanti bar- WhatsInside GLUTENFREE
Certified Gluten-Free

We are highly sensitive to folks who suffer from gluten intolerance and wanted to make a performance bar that could be enjoyed by everyone.

Shanti bar- WhatsInside Paleo
Certified Paleo

We celebrate ingredients that don’t raise your blood sugar, are raw, high in protein and healthy fats.  You got a problem with that?

Shanti bar- WhatsInside K

We follow the laws of kashrut!

Shanti bar- WhatsInside VEGAN

We deliver plant protein, fiber, minerals and super healthy nutrients all without cholesterol and saturated animal fat.  For us, just seems like an obvious dietary path forward.


Why do our customers rave about SHANTI BAR and become instant evangelists of our Brand? Because our customers recognize delicious!  They understand the depth, richness and complexity in each and every one of our bars.  Our customers can instantly distinguish the exceptional level of quality when they bite into one of our amazing bars. Remember, we are chefs and we are professionally trained in the art of developing complex and highly enjoyable flavor profiles. We dare you to find a better tasting, soft and chewy with just enough crunch bar that beats ours.


Why raw?  Because heating food destroys natural enzymes and nutrients and that’s a big No No because enzymes boost digestion and fight chronic disease.   Enzymes are the living proteins that direct the life force into our biochemical and metabolic processes. When you eat processed, cooked ingredients you’re robbing your system of the ability to transform and store energy, make active hormones, dissolve fiber and prevent clotting.  Bottom line, raw foods sustains us in ways processed, cooked foods cannot, and are essentially the building blocks our bodies need to perform.

That’s why our bars are raw.


Each bar is crafted to be functional and delicious. Pure performance that comes from natural sources like no other bar on the market. These amazing ingredients are jam packed with heart healthy magic, body rocking rechargers and life loving longevity.