What Is Maca and Why Is It Suddenly Everywhere?

Brown rice protein, seeds, nuts, fruit, and spices come together in Vitality, SHANTI's soft, chocolatey snack bar, which also has a nice kick from cayenne. Or, if you prefer a mild flavor, try the company’s Longevity bar.

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Emily Teachout of A Time to Kale reviews the SHANTI sampler box.

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If you’re looking for a superfood-dense protein bar that will boost your performance and make you feel great, then SHANTI Bar is for you.

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The Spring Fitness Gear You Can’t Live Without

Inspect the label of your favorite protein bar, and you'll probably find a list of hard-to-pronounce artificial ingredients that aren't doing your body any good.

That's where Shanti comes in.

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Superfood Bar

Organically Raw LLC, makers of Shanti Bars, is adding a Coconut energy bar and a Mulberry protein bar to its current offerings of plant-based protein superfood bars. Shanti Bars are raw, gluten-free and vegan. Containing high protein and dietary fibers, Shanti Bars are a good source of iron and magnesium and contain no refined sugars or preservatives.

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Unboxed: 7 new portable eats for on-the-go shoppers

SHANTI Bar Raw Power - The name of this bar hints at marketing to the yoga crowd. USDA Organic, Certified Paleo ingredients such as almonds, dates, coconut nectar, unsweetened coconut, maca and Celtic sea salt will help mindful consumers reach their deepest down dog pose ever.

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Adventure Sustenance

A bar that isn’t highly processed is a rare find. SHANTI Bar’s founders have backgrounds in sports fitness and the culinary arts. Today, they handcraft energy and protein bars from 100 percent organic, raw, and plant-based ingredients, including several superfoods (think: chia and hemp seeds, spirulina, and acai).

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Gluten-Free Fridays

If you follow a special diet, snacks on the go can be hard to find. Shanti Bars takes care of this problem: whether you’re gluten free, vegan, or on a raw diet, these are for you. These bars were created by two women who had a background in sports nutrition and culinary arts.

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SHANTI Bar Goes For Gold

In 2012, Lauren Feingold and Ashanty Williams were hungry and frustrated. Five years later, the friends are still hungry, but for success. They’re striving to make the SHANTI Bar a leading competitor in what is a notoriously crowded category by building retail partnerships and celebrity endorsements, like that with U.S. Soccer star Hope Solo.

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Shanti Bar Healthy Resolution Gift Guide

I want my family to have a healthier lifestyle. While searching online I came upon the SHANTI Bar. I received the SHANTI Sample Pack to try out.

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SHANTI Bars – Raw, Vegan, Superfood-Packed Energy & Protein Bars

Shanti Bars is a brand of 100% raw, organic, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, plant-based, Paleo and Kosher certified, superfood-packed energy and protein bars. Handcrafted by two culinary trained chefs and athletes, Lauren Feingold and Ashanty Williams, these raw power bars boast great flavor with less unwanted sugar and carbs, and are high in protein (contains up to 17g of natural protein – the most out of any vegan performance bar).

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Reader's Digest SHANTI

Finally! An Egg Substitute Vegans Will Love

There are plenty of vegan recipes online, but if you want to try it in some of your own favorite recipes, here is a egg substitution guide from Lauren Feingold, certified chef and co-founder of the Shanti Bar.

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Inside South Florida: Your New Go-To Protein Bar

Getting tired of eating that same ol' protein bar you always eat? Let's change things up with SHANTI Bar. A bar that is packed with superfoods and plant-based proteins!

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SHANTI Bars Featured in Rodale’s OrangicLife Magazine

SHANTI bars have been featured in Rodale's OrangicLife Magazine's "Good Snack Guide." Look for Rodale's OrganicLife November issue on newsstands today!

SHANTI Bars Are The Real Deal

The company is woman-owned by Lauren Feingold and Ashanty Williams, two food-savvy, active women, and based in Florida. The bars use real ingredients and are gluten free, vegan, kosher and non-GMO/organic. They are nutrient dense, raw and paleo.

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Miami’s Shanti Bar Is Soccer Star Hope Solo’s Go-To Protein Bar

There is a new high-protein energy bar on the market thanks to a pair of Miamians. Shanti Bar, a handheld snack packed with power and flavor, is now available on shelves across South Florida Whole Foods Markets as well as Bed, Bath & Beyond nationwide.

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Fab Four Healthier Halloween Treats

If you don’t know whether or not you will get any trick-or-treaters at your door and want to make sure that no sweets go to waste in case no one shows up, then stock up on Shanti Minis.

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Celebrity Page

Trends and Obsessions

SHANTI Bar was featured in this month's issue of Celebrity Page Magazine as part of their Trends and Obsessions section. Watch Celebrity Page Magazine on local broadcast stations and cable channel Reelz.


Healthy Body, Happy Home

Set to meet the nutrition and flavor demands of today’s savviest snacking consumers, SHANTI BAR is now available nationwide at Bed, Bath & Beyond, the national home goods retailer!

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Fall Into Health Goodie Box

SHANTI Bar was featured on Organic Authority as part of their Fall Into Health Goodie Box. Organic Authority's Fall Into Health Goodie Box provides a personalized, one-of-a-kind system to take charge of your health, along with great reads, lots of yummy and healthy sips and nibbles, and plenty of luxurious goodness for your skin and hair.

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Locals Create Health Bars, Team Up With Whole Foods Market

You can call it the little bar that could. It’s the Shanti Bar – a 100% raw, organic, vegan , gluten free plant based superfood-packed protein bar that comes in eight flavors.

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FINALLY! Protein and energy bars we can get behind

Had enough of the high sugar and artificial protein bars that saturate the aisles of grocery stores? Us too. That's why when we came across Shanti Bars, we were so excited that we immediately contacted the founders to find a way to spread the word to our followers. We chatted with Lauren and Ashanty to hear their story.

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Bar Stars

Made with healthful ingredients like spirulina, hemp, chia and Turkish apricots, SHANTI Spirulina Energy Bar provides 95% of your daily value of vitamin A and 9 grams of protein per serving.

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Interesting snack options to consider for back-to-school

Health conscious people would like that Shanti Bars are 100 percent organic, raw, vegan, paleo, gluten-free and kosher protein and energy bars. These are designed for active people and they have different flavors that actually taste good.

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2 South Florida Entrepreneurs Aim to Ride the Organic/Vegan Wave

Startup company, SHANTI Bar based out of Miami has teamed up with Whole Foods to bring their Paleo, Vegan and Kosher-certified energy bars to Naples residents.

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Lauren Feingold and Hope Solo discuss their new business partnership

Lauren Feingold and Hope Solo recently discussed their new SHANTI partnership on CNBC's Squawk Box.

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Shanti Bars are Energy-Boosting Snacks Made from Raw Ingredients

Currently available in Whole Food’s Markets in South Florida, the new energy bar range makes health-conscious snacking less intimidating to consumers.

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Shanti Protein & Energy Bars make superfoods accessible to the masses, focus on consumer education

For all their hype, superfoods often are restricted to trend-setting consumers with higher incomes who shop the natural channel, but the makers of Shanti Protein and Energy Bars want to change that by making the ingredients easily available to the masses in a familiar format and at an accessible price point.

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8 Savory Nutrition Bars That Are Actually Healthy

Shanti positions itself as a 100 percent raw, plant-based energy bar, which is hard enough to find, but it’s likely the only one out there with anti-inflammatory turmeric as an active ingredient.

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6 Holy Basil Benefits (#3 is Going to Change Your Life!)

According to chef and nutritional expert Lauren Feingold, holy basil can promote a sound mind and body.

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How millennial tastes shape a new generation of food startups

The craft movement has moved beyond beer. Today’s new food and beverage products are likely to be handmade, creative and adventuresome.

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Shanti Bar: the Raw Superfoods Energy Bars

Developed by chefs and athletes Lauren Feingold and Ashanty Williams, these bars are loaded with raw, vegan, gluten-free, and organic superfoods. It’s no wonder they are endorsed by two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Hope Solo.

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Belly Up to the Bar

Nutrition bars can be a good grab-and-go option for the fit girl on the move. Here’s what’s new with these portable snacks.

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Why Hope Solo is partnering with this Miami startup

Solo said “the brand represents the idea of what a powerful and purposeful woman is” and last month endorsed the Shanti Bar as her “performance bar of choice.”

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What’s Brewing with Stephanie: SHANTI Bars

SHANTI bars, all-natural, protein bars created Ashanty Williams and Lauren Feingold. WBPF's Stephanie Berzinski reports.

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Raising the Bar on Nutrition and Healthy Eating

SHANTI Bar is the brainchild of Lauren Feingold and Ashanty Williams, two classically trained chefs with love of nutrition, superfoods and athletics. With a goal to create a high-powered energy bar that actually tastes good, Lauren and Ashanty turned to their knowledge of the world’s superfoods to make a superior, natural energy bar that could be eaten as an everyday snack, and still support the active lifestyle of the modern athlete.

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What’s Up With That Food: Maca

In marketing speak, maca is often labeled a “superfood,” so it’s also rolled into plenty of other items, such as the organic, gluten-free energy bars from Shanti. This Miami-based company pairs maca with cacao, chocolate and chia for its libido energy bar, and adds maca to sweet almonds and coconut in its fat burning formula.

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Shanti bars are the best of portable plant-based nutrition

When Lauren Feingold and her business partner, Ashanty Williams, make a protein bar, they don’t mess around.

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Boozy Brunch Drinks, Ranked By Healthiness

Chef and Shanti Bar co-founder Lauren Feingold and dietitian Molly Kimball drop the day-drinking knowledge and rank brunch drinks from worst to best.

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What condiments need to be refrigerated?

If your refrigerator is over-flowing with condiments, then you've probably questioned whether they all need to be in there. Lauren Feingold, Culinary and Nutrition Expert and Co-Founder of SHANTI Protein & Energy Bars talks with Andrea Lynn and TODAY.

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SHANTI Goes for the Gold

SHANTI Bar, 100% raw, organic, vegan, gluten-free and plant based energy and protein bars, today announced that two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and 2015 FIFA Women’s World Champion Hope Solo, will be its first ever Brand Partner. This partnership signifies a shared mission of women’s empowerment, promoting inner strength through healthy nutrition, fitness and fun.

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